Unlocking The Secrets To Success From Your Past Failures

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“Only Failures Can Succeed”

Jeff D. Hostetter.

Jeff had a vision to take the concept from his book Only Failures Can Succeed and share his thoughts and ideas on the subject of failing and succeeding on an ongoing basis, through a website as well as a blog that would give him the platform needed, in order to find others to help succeed through their own failures.

He partnered with Patrick Schoppenhorst to create the onlyfailurescansucceed.com website in order to offer a friendly environment for people to visit, learn and share. Jeff and Pat together, wanted to offer a service for those who have struggled with failure in their own lives and create an atmosphere for them to find and discover success.

Jeff and Pat are continually developing products and tools that will enable and encourage a successful outcome for anyone who wishes to succeed with their own dreams, goals and visions.

Jeff has built and sold businesses for himself and has helped others build successful businesses as well.  He has experienced many failures and disappointments throughout his life and has learned that failing, is probably the biggest and most important “key” ingredient in achieving long and lasting success in both business and life experiences.  He would admit to you that his first marriage, which ended in divorce, is probably the biggest failure that he has ever experienced.

He is an author, speaker, trainer, business builder, motivator and teacher of success, on how to overcome failures to achieve life’s goals.

Patrick is no stranger to failure and bad calls.  From the belief that Java is just a “Fad” to  his thoughts on social networking; “Who cares what I do all day?” Patrick has learned from his past to become a successful systems designer, technician and trainer of both software and hardware applications. He will share his talents and stories with you  to aid you in building a successful online presence as well as other technical and practical usage of web technologies.

Be sure to check out Pat’s advice for the perfect site setup in the “Systems Reload” stories where he will give you technical tips and advice. This page was designed for all you techies!

Through their partnership, Jeff and Pat will share ideas that cover start-up and application processes for both business and personal uses. If you are looking for the how-to’s, in starting a business or simply wanting to enhance your personal goals and dreams, this site will offer you an array of ideas to turn your failures into success!

We are truly humbled that you would consider being a member of this community and we look forward to hearing from you to let us know how we have possibly helped in some small way to convert your failures into success because the truth is, Only Failures Can Succeed!

Jeff Hostetter & Patrick Schoppenhorst


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